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It’s quite incredible what climbing a mountain can teach you about yourself…

Last weekend, I crossed off an item that has been sitting in my bucket list for a while. I finally climbed the Tongariro Crossing!

It was an epic girls’ weekend shared with 9 amazing women – some I knew, some I meet for the first time.

It began (and so did the laughter) as a road trip from Wellington ending in Ohakune where we were meeting the rest of the climbing crew at our shared accommodation…  and when I say shared, I mean some quite literally shared… their beds!

There was 10 of us and only 2 units, one with 3-bedrooms the other with two. Only two of those rooms had single beds.

Hilarious sleepover party, anyone!

Humour is always a great connector, and these babe’s had plenty of that.

Our day on the mountain was incredible. From raucous belly laughing and a lot of poo talk (that’s what happens when you need to go and the toilet is 5 hours away!), to beautiful kindness and support shown when anyone needed encouragement to keep walking… up another incline!

There’s so much we can learn about ourselves when we go on adventures like this, like how:

  • Our minds can limit us from so much
  • It’s possible to distract our minds enough to take us places we never thought we could go
  • Human connection is essential to our overall health
  • We discover things about ourselves that we didn’t know

It was on our drive back home that the last point really hit home for me.

One of my friends said they’d learned more about me during our trip to the mountains than they had in the couple of years they’ve known me.


They were surprised that I can be so goofy and hilarious, and that I swear like a trooper, when all this time they saw me as someone who is poised and collected… and slightly intimidating with how ‘well put together I was’.

“OMG really??”… is what I was thinking… then I realized they were so right.

I have been holding back a HUGE part of my personality for fear of being judged or rejected.  And it’s been sooo energy draining.

You see, I love humour and I’m a bit goofy.  I was always cast in the comedy roles in school musicals and making people laugh makes me feel happy.

If I could be a famous actor it’d be a tie between Rose Byrne or Melissa McCarthy… and I’d love to be cast in Bridesmaids!

I do swear!  I think a well placed F bomb dropped at just the right time can be super effective.

But I had it in my head that being a grown up, with a grown up job meant I had to suppress the goof and keep my language clean.

WHY?  Was what my friends asked, It’s who you truly are!

And that was a good question.

I wasn’t showing 100% of who I really was.

We all carry limiting self beliefs about ourselves. Stories that have been layered on us by other people – even coaches who have been doing the work for years!

Before a boy made fun of my goofy side and my Mother said, Swearing is a sign of no intelligence, I was perfectly ok with this side of me.

Are you doing this too… holding back parts of your personality for fear that others might think you’re not good enough in some way?

It does take courage to let shit go and just be you (I’m having heart palpitations just writing the word shit) … but the freedom that comes with it is fricken unbelievable.

Your limiting self beliefs stop you from being the true you.

When you give all of yourself, when you’re unafraid of the judgement that might come because of it, and when you welcome the love and acceptance you might get without fear, you will be a happier person.

To help you discover more about yourself…without climbing a mountain (although I highly recommend you do some time), I’ve put together a fun playsheet that has 3 of my favourite exercises for getting on who you are and what makes you feel happy!

Click the image below to download now!

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Love Sam x