Hey beautiful,

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while.

I’ve been swept away by the intriguing and truly soulful Bali over the past 2 weeks, immersing myself in my Yoga Teacher Training, meditation and a culture so different to home.

When we’re away from the comforts of our homes, in countries vastly different to our own, our true character can be really tested. We’re such creatures of habit that food, smells, lifestyle, behaviours, even beds and pillows, can trigger interesting reactions in us.

You could say I like to walk a mile in another’s shoes to truly appreciate their way of being in their country.

In doing so I can really test my character. Sometimes I’m pushed far beyond my comfort zone and I react in a judgemental, negative way that fascinates me; especially when I consider myself to be a mostly carefree, positive and accepting person.

Funny the stories we can make up in our heads. Stories that are mostly based on our fears. Truth be told, I was scared of the rat. From that place of fear I made up a big, false story.

We can do this kind of thing in all area’s of our life. These stories are actually our limiting beliefs that if we’re not careful can hold us back from reaching our highest potential.

This week over on the blogcast we’ll be chatting about the one thing that’s changed in me since my trip to Bali that’s had an enormous impact on my relationship with others and myself.  If you’re interested in knowing how you can connect to yourself and others more, you may love this week’s blogcast:


I’ve just come back from Bali…probably the most mind-blowing trip of my life. Transformational— I’ve changed and grown so much and it was only a 7-day Yoga Teacher Training Retreat.

I’ve sat here since wondering: what is it that shifted?

I’m going to share that with you today.

Well hi, I’m Sam Hannah and welcome to the Sophisticated Bohemian Club. This is your 10 minute inspirational session to cultivate a life you love.

So as I mentioned, I’ve just come back from Bali. And aside from having a fantastic tan, no stress and feeling fabulous, something much deeper happened on my trip and interestingly a lot of the work that we did over in Bali during the yoga teacher training was on the transformational work that I work with clients so for me it was fantastic to be a student again.

That’s the wonderful thing about yoga— you’re forever learning about yourself. And actually, yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self and I really felt that for the last 7 days. And as I came back on the plane I asked myself: What it is that’s truly shifted?

I definitely unblocked a new limiting belief, and if you’ve worked with me as your coach you’ll know that I do a lot of work on your gifts and your strengths. I want to know also that you beliefs that you hold, the stories that you tell yourself that hold you back from reaching your highest potential, or even more importantly, living life on purpose.

In this past week I unlocked one that when I found out what it was, everything that I have done, positive or negative, all the stories that I told myself, everything that happened that has held me back from reaching even bigger heights than I could possibly even dream of downloaded right in front of my eyes.

I’ve often heard of people saying that when they have a near death experience… so maybe they’re on a tall building and they’re falling, or even safely falling, parachuting and they have the sense of absolute fear that this is end and in those moments time almost stops in the fall and right before their eyes they see everything. Their life just unfolding.

And that happened to me. And I’ve come to the conclusion,  something that I want to look more deeply into, and what I want to share with you over the coming weeks is it was true connection. It was connecting into who I truly am, and connecting into the energy of something bigger than me.

Now science has proven that there is a lifeforce and energy, some call it the universe some call it the divine, you may call it god I reference the universe but there is something bigger than you something that grows your nails while sleeping. I was listening to beautiful podcast by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer just recently, and the way he described the energy from the universe, the thing that was bigger than us was so simple I loved it.

It was to do with your nails growing, and he said “you could decide one day to look down at your nails and have a conversation with them and say: ‘would you stop growing I am sick of clipping you. I am sick of filing you. There is no need for you to be long I don’t want them to grow stop growing.’”

But that is impossible. So what is it that grows your nails? Yes, obviously all the mineral and vitamins and the way that you are in keeping yourself. All of that. But you are not consciously thinking about growing those nails just as you are not consciously thinking of pumping the blood around your body, or growing your hair long, or even breathing.

Because I dare to say that if us humans were left to do those simple things ourselves we’d be terrible at it. We’d keep forgetting because our minds are so busy.

So, I thought to myself what is it that transformed the most in me and it is pure connection. And by connecting into who I truly am or should I say stepping more into who I truly am, the freedom that comes from that is so powerful that I’ve realized that one thing that I have been searching for on my journey this year to live more joyfully and less overwhelm . What has driven me to share this work with you and what is driving me to create a space shortly to help as many women as I can find more joy and have less overwhelm in their lives.

It’s connecting to what it is that is holding you back in the first place. It’s getting a clear understanding of… or perhaps even a better way to describe is unlocking some of the things that we do from a place of lack as opposed to doing them from a place of love.

When we unlock and connect to our lack we can actually see our beautiful gifts. Now it might sound a little strange but when I’m working with clients this is an exercise I take them through and this what I want to share with you today. This is a great time to pause this mini-session if you want to grab a pen and paper and you can come back, keep listening and come back to this.

The place to start is to think about the positive words that describe you. Write down as many as you’ve got whatever comes to mind. Sometimes we need a little help just to get ourselves aligned with what it is that we find positive about ourselves. So if you’d like to you can actually flick an email off to friends and family and say, “hey what are some words that you think positively describe me?”

If you’re really stuck, but if you can sit with this yourself no one’s watching don’t worry about that whole “oh I’m vain, I’m thinking about myself”. Let it go, surrender to that: What words positively describe you?

And then ask yourself: Are you living in your positivity most of the time? Or are you too afraid for whatever reason –some of those stories that come up in your mind –to actually live in your positive way?

So for example one of the words that positively describes me is I’m incredibly loving. I don’t have a lot of prejudice based around my love. I can sit with a homeless person and pour as much love as I can with one of the little 10 years olds that I coach in netball. I just love and it has taken me several years to adjust to stepping into that completely. I’ve told myself all sorts of stories. I always wanted to fit in with society and think: “maybe I shouldn’t be loving this homeless person as much as I would someone else.” They’re all stories and you’ve got a positive—something that you do so naturally and then you’re resisting it, that is holding you back from your truest potential.

Imagine if you lived from a place every day that was from your strengths, from your gifts, and from positivity. That you didn’t resist the urges to show unconditional kindness. That you didn’t stop yourself from going out into the world and just loving for the sake of it. Of getting into your car and letting all the traffic go first before you go and not expecting people to say thank you, but just doing it unconditionally because you love it.

Imagine if you were someone that just simply loved organizing the workspace around you. That it was okay for you to fluff around the work room without any thought of always doing this but actually going: :you know what? I do it because I love it and I don’t need thanks for it.”

So I’m going to do some more on connecting to who we truly are, and also our connection with others in the next coming blogcasts. But today I just wanted to introduce you to the idea and get you thinking about some of those positive ways that you can describe yourself and starting to just get you on the journey of what connection to self and others could look like.

Okay, I hope you’ve enjoyed this session, and I trust that you have got what you need from our time together today. Thank you so much for being here as always. I appreciate you listening and I will see you next time on the Sophisticated Bohemian Club Inspirational Sessions have a magical day and I will see you soon.


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