This week I’d like to start a conversation around the perceptions you have of yourself.

Recently, I got out an old photo album with a question in mind: What perceptions do I have of myself and what perceptions do I think the world has of me? This is something I talk a lot about in my keynotes and to clients.

You maybe asking, Why did she look into her photo albums for the answer?

More about that in a minute, but Firstly, let me give you some background.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have heard me talking about negative thoughts and how research suggests 95% percentage of our thinking is negative verses positive.

A way of thinking that blurs our self-perception.

So, in today’s video I want to ask you this question, How many positive thoughts compared to negative ones do you have about yourself in a day?

Plus I have an exercise for you that’ll help you step into a more positive mindset so that you can focus more on your strengths and beautiful gifts.

Before you start watching, the photo album exercise was to see if the perceptions I had of myself 8 years ago were still that same. You’ll find out the results in the video.



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