When you make time for yourself to go for a power walk or run, maybe fit in a Yoga class that evening and only eat nourishing, healthy foods all day, do you call that self-love?

How about when you run yourself a bath filled with oils and epsom salts, light some candles and lock yourself away for a full 30 minutes undisturbed… is that self-love to you?

Most of us would say both of these examples are self-love.

But what if I suggest that the first example is not self-love, rather it’s self-health, and something quite different?

Self-love fills your love bucket so you can go out in the world shinier and brighter, love others more and do the things that make you the most happy.

Self-health are things you do everyday to keep your ‘vehicle’ well oiled with vitality, strength and focus so you stay healthy.

Because the healthier you are, the more confident you’ll feel, which makes you love yourself and others more and the healthier you’re more likely to stay.

It’s a beautiful cycle. Self-love and self-health work together.

Trouble is, many of us think self-health and self-love are the same, and since we’re not really that great at practising self-love, we’re not doing some very important daily things, like moving our bodies, eating to nourish or quieten our busy minds.

So today in your 10 minute inspirational session, we’ll be having a detailed chat about the difference between self-love and self-health, why self-health is SO important to us and I’ll give you a quick and effective exercise to try that’ll help you stay healthy and ultimately help you feel more confident in yourself.


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I think there’s a big different between self-love and self-health. And that’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Hi, I’m Samantha Hannah from the Sophisticated Bohemian Club and welcome to your 10-minute inspirational session to cultivate a life you love.

Now today I want to have a conversation around something that’s really important to me and something that I love to talk about with my girls and my female friends and any woman really that crosses that path and that is the difference between self-love and self-health.

Self-love has become quite a trending topic which is fantastic in the wellness space. And the reason it’s great is because I do think that we women need to equip ourselves with as many resources and tools as we possibly can to grow our self-belief and it starts with self-love and not often are we capable of looking in the mirror and simple saying: “I love you” to yourself.

We’re so good at giving out affections, cuddles, and caring particularly to our children and friends and hugging and saying how amazing else is. And yet the person that really should mean the most to you is yourself. Because without you, you can’t provide that love for everybody else in the first place.

So self-love to me is looking at yourself in a way that sees you grow, cared for and able to serve others to your highest potential so to do that you have to feed goodness into yourself.

Self-health, on the other hand, are the things that you need to be doing everyday as much as you breathe and know you must drink particularly water to stay alive and another perfect example is you know that you have to brush and floss your teeth at least 2 times a day so that your teeth don’t fall out of your head right?

So we know that brush teeth and flossing and a healthy thing to do for our body. But there are many other things that we put into the self-love category that are actually self-health.

Self-health to me are things that you must do every day without even thinking about it. All the things that keep you healthy that you do automatically. That keep you strong, full of vitality and then able to then love self and others.

Self-love has been talked about a lot and I think it has such an important place in our lives. Examples are self-love to me are taking a full long beautiful bath in oil and ask your partner if you have children to keep the children away for 30 minutes at least. Maybe even an hour if you can last that long in a bath. I personally get all wrinkly and need to get out.

That is taking time read in the sun, walking along the beach front toward a café where all your girlfriends are waiting for lunch and you can laugh for 2-3 hours. It’s speaking kindly to yourself.

It’s burning candles at night and turning off the lights and cosying under a beautiful blanket to watch a romantic movie or even just with your partner.
Self-love fills up your love bucket. It makes you feel in love in that moment with your life and what’s going. Self-health are things like exercise, meditation, eating well, keeping your space, your home, your work environment de-cluttered and not gossiping. Yeah, you heard that right. Not gossiping.

I will go through these individually in a moment. And I’m going to be you an affirmation example. An exercise that you can try to bring your awareness to the importance of self-health.

So self-heath to me is doing everything that you possibly can to nurture and feed the beautiful vehicle that is your body that take you around from day to day. Loving people, being of service to people but actually even more basic than that. Enabling you to be here in this life.

That gets in the car and drives you to work. You know, that vehicle that is so important to you that we take for granted. Every day we wake up and we take for granted that we’re going to do that.

Every night we fall asleep and we take it for granted that we’ll wake up there’ll be a whole new day and we’re going to see all that we love again. Your self-health is what keeps that vehicle shiny. You service your car right? When the oil needs changing, you change it. If you have a flat tire, you pump it.

It’s no different. Your body is no different. But what we do is we sort of sweep exercise into the side and call it self-love when we get out for a walk or go to yoga. When we decide to say pick up a mindfulness course or get into more meditation if you have that kind of practice in your life we call that self-love too. We think “Oh, it’s nice to that for myself.”

And when we eat well, lately I’ve been reading so much literature and health magazines that are saying that you know eating healthy exchanging the chocolate for the apple or a beautiful home-made raw food slice compared to a bakery cake they’re calling that self-love.

But all of what I’ve just talked about is self-health to me. And those should be done on the daily without question.

The human body needs to move everyday. It doesn’t mean that you need to flog it at the gym and do hard out bootcamps and go for 20k runs every morning and get up at 5 and push weights or whatever.

It’s not about that, it’s actually your body has been designed to move and we’re forgetting how sedentary we are from day to day in these modern times. We can go throughout our entire week without really moving our body too much. From driving in our cars to getting escalators up into our desk to even eating in our desk and not even leaving in the office until we have to leave at 5 to drive in the car again to pick up the kids to stand in the kitchen for a few minutes and cook dinner and get straight on the couch after we get them to bed. Sit in our butts again and get on our phone and watch a movie and go to bed.

And it’s killing us. And we already know that as a nation, as a global fact that we’re more stressed and moving less and more overwhelmed that we’ve ever been in any other decade. So I think it’s really important to get very clear on the difference between self-love and self-health.

And self-health being extremely vital and important. Now I mentioned before about self-health including things like not gossiping. Little bit left field for some of you perhaps.

I just want you to take a moment to think about how it feels or how you feel after you’ve had a gossip session talking continuously about someone else and then walking away.

Energetically, how does that feel?

To me it’s pretty low-vibration. Science has come out and proven that gossiping makes us sick. Yeah, you heard that right. The body’s physiological reaction to the low vibration of criticizing and putting down other people through gossiping changes our body and causes stress and we all know that stress is bad anyway and it makes us quite unless.

So I’ve put that under the self-health because so often we can get ourselves caught up in gossip and in critical conversation. We might not have even let it and we may not even intend to partake in it but we can definitely get caught up in it. So I just wanted to bring your awareness to it. And maybe start thinking more about what’s happening to your body when you are talking about others.

Then I want you to turn it in and think well if it’s having a negative effect on my body when I talk of others what the heck is happening when I talk smack and critically of into myself. I’ve talked about this before in previous blogcasts the importance of self-talk.

So today the little exercise that I’d like you to try if you’re interested is an affirmation one. And the affirmation allows you to create a statement of things that are really important to you being able to stay healthy.

I know how hard it is to start off regular daily exercise and eating really healthily and how easy it is to slip off that to be honest particularly when you think about it we’re coming near the end of August, so we’re moving into the spring in a few weeks time which then only a few months in the festive season. Which really does begin in November.

So Nov, Dec, we start to see Xmas parties and festiveness and a lot of self-health goes out the window so this is a really good time as you move into the spring to start thinking and planning on ways that you can focus on giving you the best possible foundations for staying really healthy through the Christmas period and I know that you give this a go you’d be so thankful as I said to you before that vehicle of yours, your body is the most important thing. You can still have fun, but you want to be looking after yourself at the same time.

So the affirmation it starts off with “I am…..” and then you follow it words that are motivating and powerful to you that means something to you so it could look like this: “I am strong, capable, loving, kind, powerful, sensual, focused and free.”

Then after you’ve made your “I am” statement you follow it up with: “To feel this or to feel like this everyday, I will…”

So this is a self-health affirmation. This is not self-love. This is the things that are vital for you to stay healthy.

So I’ll repeat it again, the “I am…” statement. That could be any words that you’d like to use that’ll keep you focused on why it is important to practice self-health.

“I am strong, capable, loving, kind, powerful, sensual, focused, and free.”

“To feel like this every day, I….” and then you make a list of all the things that you will do every day to achieve the “I am…” affirmation statement.

So here’s some examples from the “I am..” statement and I’ll share the different examples and give you the word from the I am statement that matches it.

To feel this way everyday, I will practice yoga. That will keep me strong.

I will go for a power walk or run. This makes me feel powerful.

I will be home every day after school with my children. This makes me feel kind and loving.

I eat healthy, nourishing foods. This makes me feel loving, kind, strong, even powerful.

I light scented candles, burn oils, and sleep with luxurious fabrics like silk pyjamas and silk pillows. This makes me feel sensual, loving, and free.

I meditate every day that makes me feel focused.

So the I am statement is a list of words that lead to your self-health. Not your self-love. It’s really important that you’re focusing here on ways that you can train your subconscious to think of what you need to do to stay healthy every day.

Now your list and your words will completely different to the example I’ve just given you. And take some time and quietness to really think about this because it’s a powerful exercise. And when you practice affirmations like I am… your body responds and your mind because the feelings that are attached to the words you use. Your mind thinks it, the body reacts the way that you think about.

“I am strong”. When you say it in your mind, you say it with conviction. Believe it.

I am strong, capable, loving, kind, powerful, sensual, focused, and free.

Those are the words that you want to feel every day.

And then your list of list of things that you need help you feel that way every day.

Now I would love to hear about your “I am…” statements and you can do that in the comments below the blogcast here. Or even on social media I just love hearing how the I am statement words for people but also the list of things that are important to others to feel healthy, to stay healthy, I remember when I first or became aware of the difference between self-love and self-health. It was quite a shift it was quite a crazy mentality shift for me because I put many things under self-love thinking it was all of one thing.

And then when someone said, “Separate it out. There are things that you should be doing without even questioning. Because they keep you alive. Like eating healthy and exercise. Even meditation. Perhaps it’s a different conversation for a different day but it was mind-blowing. And I can tell you that from my own experience. Once I put in place a self-health practice my life shifted and changed. Now I notice when I am not practicing self-health. My body feels it. It responds and not in a good way and I can revert back to the person that I don’t really want to be. Irritated, grumpy, resentful and angry person.

We all have our dark side and those feelings of what I’ve worked really hard to let go of because that’s not self-health. Feeling all of those things is only damaging and causing disease. So the word dis-ease, and not easeful is effort to feel those energies. Whereas statements of I am strong, loving, kind, etc. That’s effortless, high energy, high energy, that’s self-health.

Okay I trust that you’ve got what you need from today’s blogcast. I would love to hear from you over on social media. All the links are below or just simply comment here on the comments on the blogcast.

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Okay may your week be replete with magic thank you so much for being here in this space with me. As you’re listening to this, and I will see you next time on the blogcast. Bye!


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