Today I’ll be brief because I’m about to hide myself under a cozy blanket on the couch to get into a mountain of research for my new ‘face my fear’ venture.

I am writing my book!

This is my year of achieving life goals… momentous life goals that I’ve been really scared of.

One of these life goals I’ve just completed. Become a Yoga Teacher {tick!}.

Next, write a book. Then, in no particular order…

  1. Walk the high wire and get to level 4 {5 at a stretch}.
  2. Travel the world running my retreat weekends and sharing my love of Yoga
  3. Run a 1/2 marathon

This is not my bucket list. This is my ‘Face My Fears’ list.

You see, I’m simply sick of letting fear consume me.

Think about it for a minute, fear itself doesn’t exist… only our stories do. {I must point out that I’m not talking about danger here. Danger is different.}

Fear is stopping yourself from doing something or becoming something because you’re telling yourself you might failure, change too much and not be loved, be rejected, it’s too scary etc

It’s an exhausting way to live, even if you’re not conscious of it. The energy it takes to constantly dwell in the negative mind of ‘I can’t’ yet desiring it all the same, is huge.

Plus it can lead to blame, misery, sadness and overwhelm to name name a few emotions.

So, if you’ve got things you want to achieve, big or small, it’s time to understand fear more, which is the very conversation I’m having over on the blogcast today.

Come and join me, and try out a quick 5 minutes exercise to help change your negative excuses into positive can do’s!


Fear. What is it? As Gabby Bernstein puts it: “Fear is like sugar!” It’s a sneaky little ingredient that gets into everything.

Fear. What is it? That’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

Hi I’m Samantha Hannah from the Sophisticated Bohemian Club and welcome to your 10 minute inspirational session to cultivate a life you love. One that’s filled with joy and less overwhelm.

Now today the hot topic is fear. What is it and why is it so present in our lives? Now as you may know from reading or watching last week’s blogcast or even following my journey over the last couple of months. I’ve recently set the exams, come through almost 3 months of study to become a yoga teacher.

The most humbling experience of my life and one that saw me facing my fear like I’ve never thought I would before. So different to giving up a high wire or rock climbing or even the thought of putting a trench around my hand. Yes I am scared of all of those things. Heights, spiders, and coincidentally vulnerability.

This is a new fear that I’ve learnt that I didn’t even know existed in me but now that I’ve opened it up, oh my God my world has change and I’m so thankful for yoga. For the journey of yoga. But that is just my story.

What is fear? Well fear only exists because of our future projection of what might happen. So when you think about that fear does not exist at all. It simply the stories we tell ourselves of what might happen when we do the things we actually want to do.

For example say one you want to give up smoking. You know the health benefits of giving up smoking and you just can’t do it. Perhaps you want to lose weight. You know that the healthy food choices are going to eventually even if not in the beginning going to be yummy and delicious to you. But you’re scared of the change. You’re scared of the loss, and those examples and many others.

What we actually fear is the loss of what we know. The hardness of the change that we actually have to go through to get there. And then what if we may get there it’s not what we expected? What if we fail?

Fear is such a crazy thing. If you can face your fear, if you can live in the possibility that your dreams and your goals are actually going to lead a better life for you, then fear itself won’t exist. You see, we can sit and dream of all the things that we want to do and become. We can know with our intellect what we need to change to be happier. And yet we still can’t do it. We’re paralyzed in the fear of wanting to push through an actually do it.

But my friends I say to your if you can stand in the face of fear, on the other side is pure joy and love. And no it is not that overwhelming. Often when we get there when we do take the leap and face our fear we realize that all the stories we have told ourselves simple are not true.

Now fear is different to danger. Danger you need to listen to. Getting that sense of fear when you’re walking the dark alley on your own perhaps it at 2 am after a few drinks, you know quite possibly dangerous and you feel the fear of that. Trust it. Intuition. Yeah you’re actually putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Walk away.

But fear of achieving a goal. Of running a marathon perhaps, of losing 5 to 10 kilos but still sitting on the couch munching chippys and being upset by that. Of climbing a mountain but your great grandfather once wanted to climb too and maybe he did. And stories got back and you’re inspired but you’re scared you can’t do it.

Maybe it’s smaller than that. Maybe you want to put your hand up to a new position in your work environment. Maybe you simply want to ask your partner to have Thursday nights to yourself and can he have the children while you go to yoga or swim.

Maybe you want to take a holiday. But you’re too scared to ask for the time off. You’re too afraid that it’s selfish in some way. Maybe you want to be a successful business owner but you feel you don’t know enough. You feel almost like an imposter with this dream. Where has it come from? Why is it taking me over?

Whatever it is that you desire deep in your heart, listen to the call of your heart. It actually knows your path and give it a go. Step into the face of fear because fear itself doesn’t exist. It’s the stories we tell in our mind. Think instead as you go to try and do something and instead of thinking, “Oh my gosh if I do this, negative thought (3x)” Try going, “Oh my gosh, if I do this…positive thought.”

If I choose to lose the 5 kg of weight, what will happen? Will people see me differently? Can I actually do it? Once I’ve lost the weight can I maintain it? What if I have to give up my chocolate and my ice cream that I love so much? Will I be able to eat something else?

Instead, think of the new possibilities. “Wow, the freedom to feel more confident in my swimsuit. I really want to swim in the sea again. It would be delightful.” As a sidenote, I suggest swimming in the sea regardless of your body.

What about all those beautiful new foods I can let into my life? I can eat them with enjoyment and excitement. What an adventure, it’s so new.

Whatever it is that you are fearing right now, that will get you over the line to achieving something big or even small. Don’t let it hold you back. Try flipping the negative thought try flipping your story that you’re telling yourself as to why can’t do it. And think of something more positive. It’s what got me over the line with yoga.

As I stood on the mat day one, filled with vulnerability. What I learnt is my fear of vulnerability was actually translating to my fear of having extremely high expectations of myself. I feared the failure. What if I can’t do this? A future projection that wasn’t true and hey, so what if it is? What if I couldn’t do it?

Would that be the end of my life? No, because there’s no danger in it. Simple ego getting in the way. Give it a go. Live out your dream.

So today as we talk about fear, I invite you get out a journal a piece of paper the very least. Write down what it you fear. Get it out of the mind, look at it for what it is and realize that most of what you’re fearing is future projection, a story you’re making up in your head, something that hasn’t happened yet.

And if you have the desire to go ahead and create something different for yourself, cultivate a life, a dream…something. Write that down too, and for every fear that you have, flip it and find the positive.

Change your mindset. Reach for the stars and create those beautiful magical dreams and cultivate the life that you want.

Thank you so much for joining me here on the blogcast this week, as we look and explore fear. If you have any questions whatsoever, if you want to start a dialogue do that on social media with me. On Instagram or Facebook you’ll see me the most and the links are below.

Of course I’d love to hear from you so please email me anytime. I would love to chat offline as well. So I trust that you’ve got what you’ve need from today’s chat. If you think that someone you treat in your life, family member or friend would get value from listening to this. Please share and be filled with love and gratitude.

Now I want to let you know before I finish up that we’ve got some exciting things happening around here. At the moment I’m developing a membership site called the Sophisticated Bohemian Club. A place, a community where I want to help bring as many women together as possible so we can cultivate our lives and build our dreams together.

Inside the membership site there’s going to be live monthly coaching calls with me so any questions that you’re having about your life right we can get together and nod it out. There will be ecourses inside there. There will be interviews with sensational, inspiring women and products that my special Sophisticated Bohemians will get discount of, and so so much more.

It hasn’t launched yet, but I’m really excited and I just want to share some of the stuff with and as I go through the journey of designing this I’ll be sure to let you know and I’ll open up the virtual doors and you can look inside to see if you can come and join in the community with me and all the other like-minded women that will join with you. But until we meet again have a fantastic week, may it be filled with magic and as I said earlier please get in touch if you want to chat about anything.

See you next time. Bye!


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