Traveling is on my mind right now as I’ll be spending most of this month away overseas. Last week I was in Palm Cove, Australia, speaking at an event and tomorrow I’m in Bali for the rest of the month on my Yoga Teacher Training retreat – with a few days either side to take in the sites.

I love traveling. From the planning of what to wear right through to getting money sorted, making sure I have my tickets and passport ready, and people watching at the airport. Each step of traveling is fascinating to me, including the little hummings of uncertainty that I often feel in the pit of my stomach when I land in a new place I’ve never been.

I know I’m doing the right thing as soon as I feel the ‘humming’. To me it means I’m about to face a fear that’ll take a certain amount of courage to overcome. What would have stopped me in my tracks once is now my best tool for expansion.

[ctt title=”This is my year to be more courageous. It’s my word for 2016.” tweet=”This is my year to be more courageous. It’s my word for 2016. From @samanthajhannah” coverup=”mo8ee”]

No more sitting around wishing out loud for all my dreams to come true.

“I wish I could travel more like my husband”

“I wish I could go on more retreats”

I wish I could be a Yoga teacher”

“I wish I could get more fit and run a ½ marathon” {this one, by the way, I have started and stopped about 5 times… fear has always got in the way!}

This all came about when I decided to quit overwhelm at the beginning of the year to cultivate a joy-FULL life I love.

One that was replete with magic. And not the flying, fluffy unicorn type of magic {although, I’d totally love to own one!} . I’m talking about the magic that comes with manifesting dreams, achieving goals and being happy more often than not.

It’s feeling calm and more balanced. Practising mindfulness, aligning with my values and trusting that I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be.

It’s all about getting real on what we can do in any given day… more to the point what we WANT to do in any given day. It’s taking full responsibility for our lives, which means absolutely no blaming others for who or what we are, and actioning what makes us most happy.

I call this new way of living My Magical Life ©. Because it’s not driven by fear rather I’m driven by love. That’s what makes it feel so magical.

Even on a ‘bad’ day. I have so many tools to switch my thinking from fear, anger, irritation and overwhelm to love, calmness, more joy and balance.

This is not to say I don’t slip up and revert back to my old ways for a few
hours or sometimes days. I’m human after-all. But I’ll take a few hours or days over months or years anytime.

So this, I believe, is the most important question upon which living a Magical Life © sits:

Do you have the courage to find the magic within you to cultivate a life you love?

If you’re thinking, I think so? Or I’d like to… but I’m not sure how, I may have the answer.

Currently I’m working on a membership site called… My Magical Life ©A space to cultivate more calm + joy and less overwhelm in your life, style and business.

As a My Magical Life © member you’ll have yearly access to:

  • E-courses + programs
  • Ebooks
  • Masterclasses with guest experts
  • Discounts off products
  • Live monthly Q & A calls with me
  • A forum to chat in the community
  • Discounts off live events + workshops (including Yoga + Meditation classes)

This membership site has my heart and soul poured into it and I’m truly excited to bring it to you.

I know you’ll love it.

But I’ve jumped the gun {I’m just too excited!}. Nothing is ready for you to view yet. In a few weeks I’ll send you a personal invite to join an online launch party where I’ll show you around and you’ll be able to trial everything out for yourself.

For now, I’m off to finish my packing for Bali where I’m heading to face my fears with courageousness and come out the other side a brighter, shiner version of me.


With love and spirit,
Sam xx

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