Do you have disorganised spaces or clutter in your life that’s driving you nuts every time you look at it?

Maybe your wardrobe, office or a kitchen draw?
Me too! For me right now it’s my wardrobe + office.

So on Sunday I decided to tackle my bedroom by emptying out my draws and wardrobe completely, getting rid of everything that no longer serviced me + resetting my capsule wardrobe.

I felt amazing come Monday morning when it took me 5 minutes tops to get ready. It was blissful to have less overwhelm, fuss and more time on my hands simply because my wardrobe space was sorted.

Here’s the thing: We don’t realise how much mess causes stress!

Basically clutter and mess fill our minds with extra stimuli (visual) adding extra stuff for our already busy minds to take in. It distracts us from what we really need to be focusing on and makes it hard for us to relax.

And the biggie (for me anyway) is clutter causes guilt… ‘I should be more organised’.

So this week in your 10 minute inspirational session we’ll chat about how decluttering is essential to our happiness and peaceful living.


I’ve noticed something really interesting lately about myself and when I have had conversations about this thing that I’ve noticed with other women they feel it too and I thought I was the only one.

Hi, I’m Sam from the Sophisticated Bohemian Club and welcome to your 10 minute inspirational session to cultivate a life you love. I’m being all mysterious today and a bit of a playful mood. I was up early this morning 5 o’clock getting ready for my first yoga class at Abundance Studio so I now have Monday mornings at 6:30 every morning and I’m feeling really playful my intention for the class this morning was to have more fun. You start something new and you get into it for the first time you can get a little nervous you can take yourself so seriously, seeking that perfection, not wanting to make that mistake. At the end of the day we forget we’re human. Mistakes are going to be made and things aren’t always going to go to plan but if you can keep your sense of humor and you can have a sense of play well you tend to enjoy the so-called “mistakes” more. Also the one things that I notice is that we don’t talk a lot about the things that we truly are fearing or worrying about or those things are that are causing us the most overwhelm. We kind of try and deal with it in our own heads and then a kind girlfriend might look at you a certain way and open up a conversation for you to chat to her and through that conversation you might say: “You know what I’ve never told anyone this but…”

It’s funny how we tend to hold in so many emotions and it’s vital that we let them out. Well there’s some things that are really personal some big things that may have happened in your life that are part of your story that you’re not ready to tell anyone or maybe you only tell someone profession cause it is so profound for you in your life.

But you can still get it out by something that is called conscious streaming journal writing with no intention other than to pick up a pen and write about what’s ever on your mind. You see the things is by keeping things inside and bottled up it’s like swallowing a balloon that’s best analogy I heard in a long time so my yoga teachers used to talk about this and when I went over to Bali for my Yoga Teacher training retreat Duncan Peak from Power Living Yoga he used this analogy to us. It’s just so beautifully explained we have this way of having a beach ball or a balloon and we push it down and push it down and push it down and that is all your fears, concerns, overwhelm. Things that you just don’t want to talk about because I don’t know you think you’re a failure, you think you’re not good enough. If you tell people about it people would judge you. No one else seems to have these worries or fears why do you have them so you squash and you squash and you squash.

The thing about it what happens when you squash down a balloon or a beach ball? You squash and squash and squash and when you let go what happens? BOOM! They straight on up. Now think about it as your emotions.

They can only stay squashed down for so long before you’ll explode in some way. Be it lots of tears be it just not even able to get out of bed. Days we just feel like you’ve got of the blues days we flare up and you’re irritable and you tend to be angry for no reason. Suppressing your emotion isn’t helpful to you or anyone. But here’s the interesting thing that I’ve noticed all journey to find more joy and less overwhelm in my daily life.

Sometimes when I think nothing out of the ordinary is causing my overwhelm what is it? What am I doing? Have a quiet house cause after noon it’s too busy and too noisy my mind gets a little chaotic and I just need to have some time away but we’re sitting in a quiet house and here in Wellington where I live the wind is pretty fierce at times so even that clattering of the house from the wind can drive me a little nuts.

But even if it’s still there’s no wind and there’s no children and the TV is not on and it’s quiet still I can feel overwhelmed. I was thinking to myself just about a month ago, what is it? What is it?

And then I looked around and I thought it’s clutter. I get overwhelmed when things are not organized around me. So I did some research on it and I’ve had many conversations with women in my lives and clients just through conversation and it’s the same thing. When there’s clutter around you it cause a sense of overwhelm.

Your mind is so busy taking in the things that you want to do to get it all organized. And I’ve talked about this before and in another blogcast in reference to needing to tidy up spaces or keep really organized so that my mind isn’t overwhelmed.

I’ve done a particular amount of research on it because when I was a personal stylist I used to go in and do a lot of work in my client’s homes and their wardrobes and give what I call a wardrobe audit so cleaning up their wardrobe and getting it really organized. So I’ve been doing a lot of research on why is it is that you feel so stressed or overwhelmed when your closet is busy or not at all in place.

And if you heard of feng shui then you know that the first place to start when you try to stop your overwhelm and try to clean your house is your bedroom and it’s because of the energy flow when you are in your bedroom most of us are in there in our adult life to sleep. And there’s again a lot of research to suggest that your bedroom should be a haven to sleep only.

And this should be a tranquil environment because deep down your subconscious here’s what’s so fascinating. You may not even be aware of the fact that you’re thinking of the mess and the clutter and the disorganization around you.

Your mind will be so busy filled with all the others things that’s chattering about anyway that when it comes to your bedroom space your wardrobe and your drawers, you think when you wake up in the morning you open them up and they are messy and dishevelled things aren’t quite as organized as you’d like them then you consciously think “Oh I must tidy this up,” or “Oh, I can’t find anything. It’d be so lovely if I could just pull a blouse and pull a pair of trousers and the right shoes to go with it and right color lipstick that matches it and then I walk with my handbag looking fantastic for the day.

But actually all of those thoughts and all of that clutter is in the mind without consciously thinking that it’s in there. So in the weekend I took out all of my clothes from my wardrobe it’s a great time of the year to do this every year so it’s coming into the change of season. So if you’re from the other side, from the northern hemisphere and coming into autumn and down under here in NZ, AUS, we’re coming into our spring time and always say with a change of season it’s a great time to give your wardrobe a bit of a spruce up get it organized, clean it out. I’m a huge fan of capsule wardrobes and let me know if you’re interested in a blogcast on creating a capsule wardrobe. You will get more clarity and happiness around having less things less items of clothing to choose from and get dressed in.

I promise you that if were to create a capsule wardrobe life becomes so much easier so far as getting dressed and making decisions and you definitely feel less overwhelmed in that area.

I got all my clothes out, threw them on the bed. I scrambled them all up. This is something that I need to do to rewire the brain. It’s a basic neuroscience exercise actually so that you think a little more creatively about the clothes that you’ve got.

I get rid of everything that I haven’t work in the last 6 months and often I store because I keep a capsule wardrobe I don’t have everything in my drawers or hanging in the wardrobe at all. I store stuff away though so I like to go shopping in my wardrobe or stored spaces before even thinking about going to the store to shop. It’s all part of the process.

I have actually let my wardrobe get away on me over the next two months I would admit it have gone a little crazy and every night I walked into my room because I’m aware of the cluttered mind. I look at it and I just felt stressed out and I shut the door and pull my duvet in my head and think, “In the morning I’ll pick the washing and I’ll clean it all out,” and never do it because I had other things to do.

Well I woke up this morning after reorganizing my entire wardrobe, sorting my drawers everything to bras and socks. Hanging out my scarfs, finding something to put my jewelry.

I woke up, got my yoga gear, did yoga, came back, took a shower, went in my room there was everything organized. I could see my pants, my dressers, my tops, and I swear to you it took 2-5 minutes tops to choose an outfit and put it on this morning. Because it was all there in front of me ready to go. Amazing.

And it that moment I thought to myself that is it. All areas of our lives, the more organized they are, the less overwhelm we’ll suffer in everyday life From keeping an organized diary to planning your meals perhaps on a Sunday so you know exactly what you’re going to eat in the week including your lunches. To having a tiny organized wardrobe and definitely a workspace area.

It’s quite an impact and when I’ve spoken to other women about this they agree. When they’re organized and decluttered so is their mind. Interesting.

I would love to know your thoughts on this one this week. Maybe after hearing this blogcast if you feel like it find a space and get it organized and comment below and let me know how you feel you’ve done that and the next few days afterwards.

Also I’d like to know if you want a blogcast on creating a capsule wardrobe, what it’s all about and how you go about it. I’ve been creating capsule wardrobes for years now. It saves money, it saves time and definitely reduces overwhelm less is 100% more in that department.

Beautiful one thank you so much for being here with me as always I’ve enjoyed my time with you and I trust that you have got what you need from this blogcast.

Stay in touch. You can always reply to the email this blogcast came on or you can listen to it straight away on the website and below here is all the details for your social media. I’d like you to show some love, come say hi. If you now anyone who would get a value on this blogcast today then please share on social media. Have a wonderful week. I will be coming to you in the beautiful snowy Queenstown next week. Until next time, take care. Okay, bye!


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