8 weeks to cultivate more happiness, health and wealth in your life by loving more and fearing less!


The Get Glowing Project is my passion project, which I'm so very proud of. 

It was created after myraid conversations and many coaching hours with 100's of women from NZ and around the world. I discovered that really we're after the same thing: Certainity that we are enough the way we are to live the life we vision for ourselves.  

Now I'm on a mission to help millions of women, like you, find the confidence and self-belief needed to get anything they want (within reason) to live a happy, healthy life filled with love.


Your best life where you're achieving goals and being genuinely happy.  


To who and what you truly are, bust through your limiting beliefs and fall in love with YOU 


Aware of what matters to you, what your purpose is and how vaulable you are in the world. 



How Will The Project Help Me?

Within 8 weeks you will have the right tools in place to feel happier, healthier and more balanced by...

  • Getting clear on your values and incorporating them into your daily decisions
  • Learning how to live an intentional life
  • Creating meaningful, achievable goals that you take action on everyday
  • Learning how to be mindful in all areas of your life and explore a daily meditation practise
  • Understanding who and what you truly are
  • Becoming aware of your fears and using them as motivation to succeed
  • Incorporate daily movement into your routine
  • Becoming OK with yourself exactly as you are

The Project is NOT for you if you’re...

  • Unwilling to explore your potential by busting through your limiting beliefs and letting go of fear
  • Not Ok with living an intentional life guided by your values
  • Unprepared to create time for yourself and allow all the love + goodness you deserve to flow into your life
  • Closed minded and not interested in living a mindful, intentional life
  • Not interested in putting in the effort to make positive changes in your life

Gain Clarity

Through guided meditations, mindfulness practises, journalling and daily movement.

Be Joyful

Understand your negative emotions, critical self-talk and fears to achieve your dreams. Hint: More love, less fear.

 Take Action

Learn how to get organised, stay motivated, achieve your goals and live the vision you have for your life.

Be Loved

Join a beautiful community of like minded women who are here to love and support you.


“If you put in the effort and follow my proven GET GLOWING formula, you WILL shine your inner light so bright others will want to know what you're on!”

 Hey beautiful!

Thanks so much for being here. It tells me you're ready to live the life of your dreams. 

I want that for you too. 

You see, I believe in nurturing and empowering individuality. I believe in creative thinking and love.  

I just happen to be a ​spirited ​life-style coach, yoga teacher​,​ speaker, Wife, Mamma to two delicious girls and a wellness warrior ​with an incredible desire to help women cultivate ​more joy and less overwhelm in their lives- mind, body, soul + style. ​​

I know first hand what it feels like to be living a life without intention. Guided by a set of bullshit belief's {excuse my spirited language, but that's what they are} and a nasty inner critic. I was unfocused, anxious and extremely overwhelmed, even though I was considered fit and healthy with a dreamy life I should be grateful for.

But if we're not living life as our true selves and really believing we're enough as we are to do the things we want, then no amount of 10k runs, fancy designer clothes, delicious red wines, almond milk lattes, career success and, well stuff, will make us happy.  

I discovered, through hours of being coached myself, self and formal study, and also coaching others that what makes us more happy, healthy and in love with our lives is... less fear. 

And that's what this entire project is based on. Showing you how to live with more love and less fear so you can flourish and achieve everything you desire in life.

 To me this is the recipe to GET GLOWING!

Clarity on my goals!

​"Sam is a natural ball of light and energy, with an abundance of love inside and you can feel it bursting when she is with you! Sam sorted through the noise in my head, gave me clarity on my goals , encouraged me and gave me direction in how I can work towards them mindfully. I’m planning with purpose and saving a fortune by doing so."

What an amazing journey

Within 3 months Sam's coaching gave me the courage, the belief, the tools and the empowerment to live the best version of myself. Her extensive knowledge, experience and passion for what she does literally peeled the layers of 'stuff' off me and drilled down to the core of who I am, while guiding me through some tough bits. I know that anyone who is ready to identify their inner self, live life to the fullest and achieve success needs a coach like Sam.

Success is being on the right path!

"​It’s hard to break lifelong habits but with the tools, activities and support Samantha gives you it is possible. And it feels great to be on the right path! Success means something different for everyone but for me success is being on the path to achieving worthwhile dreams. Samantha helps make your dreams and desires a reality. I highly recommend working with her".

Clarity, purpose and confidence

"Deciding to pursue my purpose and turn it into a business was very daunting. I had no idea where to start I had passion but that was it. Since working with Samantha my purpose has turned into a business plan and a very clear vision of who I am and what my business will look like. Samantha has helped me gain clarity, purpose and given me confidence in who I really am and what I can achieve"

Your weekly GLOW commitment 

Every week we come together in person at my studio space to:

  • Practise a relaxing 30 minute yoga and meditation sequence that supports the theme of the week 
  • Learn a new step in the Get Glowing Program and ways to integrate it into your everyday life
  • Journal on some inquiry questions designed to bring awareness to who and what you are, and how you're living your life
  • Share how your Get Glowing transformation is going. Connection is the most important part of living a healthy WELL life.

Your weekly themes

What's the cost?


3 Monthly Payments 


3x payments of $135.00 {usually $165.00}

GLOW Value = less than buying a coffee a day and better for you.

  • Full access to the programs learning material
  • Weekly Yoga + meditation lessons
  • Playsheets, playbook, meditations and resources
  • Private Facebook group


Most Popular


1x payment $399.00 {usually $499.00}

GLOW value = Save $150.00 so you can buy yourself a facial or massage

  • Full access to the programs learning material
  • Weekly Yoga + meditation lessons
  • Playsheets, playbook, meditations and resources
  • Private Facebook group